6 Free Google Rank Checkers in 2020

If you are trying to rank for a specific keyword on Google, or want to monitor your current search engine rankings, you have two options:

  1. You search Google and scroll the SERP until you find it (lol)
  2. You use a search engine ranking checker

Now, most people will opt for the first reason because they have used up the free limits of a paid search engine ranking tool and don't want to pay for it.

For this reason, I have found 6 Free online SEO rank checkers to allow you to easily check your search engine rankings.

1. UberSuggest

UberSuggest is probably the best free SEO rank checker I have found online.

Simply enter your URL, hit search and you'll get all the keywords your website is ranking for - ordered by the search volume.

If you prefer you can check by individual keywords, but replacing the URL with the specific keyword you want to check.

Favourite Features:

  • Very user-friendly
  • Can enter the URL and get all the keywords your site ranks for
  • Loads SERP on the left of the results
  • Can copy all of them to clipboard or export them as CSV
  • Provides more data than a lot of other free search engine rank checking tools

UberSuggest Search Engine Ranking Checker

This tool is free for the first 100 keyword results and also has a limit on how many times you can use it.

But you can increase the limit by logging in with your Gmail account - a small price to pay really.

And besides, if your website ranks for over 100 keywords, it's probably time to invest in a decent paid search engine ranking checker.

2. SEMRush

SEMRush as you probably know is one of the top SEO tools on the market.

Although this is a paid tool, they provide free access to their software if you create an account.

Favourite Features:

  • Very user-friendly
  • Can enter the URL and get all the keywords your site ranks for
  • Provides search volume and CPC
  • Tells you the date the rank position changed

To get to the page in the screenshot above, first, go to SEMRush, create a free account and confirm your email address.

Next, under Domain Analytics go to Organic Research and enter your URL.

One drawback of SEMRush is that it only lets you use 10 requests per day.

3. SERPWatcher

Another great tool for checking your google ranking position is SERPWatcher.

For me, I like tools that are very user-friendly and provide a lot of data and SERPWatcher does just that.

Favourite Features:

  • Very user-friendly
  • Provides search volume and estimated visits
  • Tracks keywords and set up rank position movement alerts
  • Tells you the date the rank position changed

To gain access to this tool first, go to SERPWatcher, create a free account and confirm your email address.

One drawback of this tool is that you only have access for 10 days.

4. Small SEO Tools Keyword Position Checker

Small SEO Tools is a very popular provider of all sorts of useful tools and resources, one being their search engine Keyword Position Checker.

Favourite Features:

  • Provides search volume
  • Provides the previous ranking position
  • Can also use the URL instead of entering individual keywords

SmallSEOTools Search Engine Ranking Check Tool

5. SERPRobot

SERPRobot was my favourite paid rank tracking tool back when it was called "SERPLab". As well as rank tracking, they also offer a free search engine rank checker.

Favourite Features:

  • Simple to use
  • Tells you which specific URL is ranking

While SERPRobot is a great free tool, it only lets you check 5 keywords. In addition, it doesn't provide the search volume.

Still, if the other's aren't working for whatever reason you have still have one more rank checker you can use!

6. SEO Review Tools Rank Checker

At number 5, we have the SEO Tools Rank Checker tool.

It's a fairly basic tool but it does the job.

Favourite Features:

  • Minimal ads
  • Simple to use

One drawback of this rank checker is that sometimes, due to high usage, it becomes unavailable.


And there you have it, 6 free search engine rank checkers.

If you have reached the limits of your usual search engine position tool, you can add one of these bad boys to your rotation.

My favourite rank checkers have to be SEMRush or UberSuggest. Both are very user-friendly and provide a lot of data.

Which keyword research tool is your go-to search engine rank checking tool?

Do you have any exclusive tools that I missed out?

Let me know down below!