5 Free Keywords Everywhere Alternatives in 2020

As you may remember, on October 1st, 2019, the cries of the SEO community could be heard from the rooftops.

And before you ask, this date is not Halloween (seriously?).

No, this was something much scarier. This fateful day was the day Keywords Everywhere moved from a free to pay-as-you-go type model.

Now, although it has now become a paid too, it is still relatively inexpensive.

But of course, we as SEOs would much rather pay nothing at all - no matter how cheap it is!

Fortunately, I have found five great alternatives to Keywords Everywhere - that are 100% free.

Let's get into it.

1. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is probably the closest free alternative to Keywords Everywhere I have found.

Just as Keywords Everywhere does, it provides keyword search volume, CPC along with keyword ideas and suggestions - all according to whichever location you specify.

The only downside of this chrome extension is that it doesn't provide the competition metric.

One thing I like is that under each SERP result it displays three things:

  • Estimated Monthly Traffic
  • Page Word Count
  • The number of times your search term appears on the page

While I don't really have use for the last one, the first two are very useful indeed.

2. WMS Everywhere

WhatsMySerp Everywhere, aka WMS Everywhere, is another Keywords Everywhere alternative chrome extension that provides keyword metrics like search volume and cost-per-click, as well as a collection of other similar search terms.WhatsMySerp Everywhere aka WMS Everywhere Now, I'm sure you guys are wondering "This tool provides CPC and Keyword Surfer doesn't" or "Why's this Keywords Everywhere alternative, not number 1?".

The reason for this is because every time I downloaded the WMS Everywhere extension, it wouldn't register that I had logged in and therefore wouldn't work.

I have heard others have had similar issues which is a shame because I believe this tool could become one of the best keywords everywhere alternatives out there, once these issues have been resolved, of course.

3. Cocolyze Keyword Research Tool

Cocolyze Keyword Research Tool comes in at number 3.

Overall as a keyword research tool, this is definitely one of my favourites.

Although not a chrome extension like the others, this powerful tool provides all the keyword data you need for your SEO projects.

As well as the Best Opportunities, it provides:

  • Most Competitive Keywords
  • Best Questions
  • Best Long Tail Keywords
  • And a list of them all compiled together

The reason this tool is so great is because it provides so much data, just take a look:

4. UberSuggest Keyword Tool

At number 4, we have UberSuggest's Keyword Tool. Another value-packed tool that provides; search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty (both SEO and CPC) as well as a list of very helpful keyword ideas.

UberSuggest Keyword Tool

This tool is free for the first 100 keyword results and also has a limit on how many times you can use it.

But you can increase the limit by logging in with your Gmail - a small price to pay for all this data.

5. Linkgraph Keyword Search Volume Tool

Last on the list we have the Linkgraph Keyword Search Volume tool. This nifty tool lets check multiple keywords at once, outputting search volume, CPC and competition. One thing it doesn't do, in comparison to the other Keywords Everywhere alternatives, is provide you with keyword suggestions.


And there you have it, folks - five great alternatives to Keywords Everywhere.

As mentioned earlier, I personally use Keyword Surfer as it is so easy to use.

All I have to do is open up Chrome, enter my keyword and hit enter. Job done.

Which keyword research tool is your go-to tool?

Do you have any exclusive tools that I missed out?

Let me know down below!